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Consumers are affected by income reductions, unexpected extra expenses, separation, divorce, or even a death of a spouse. Life has a way of throwing unexpected curve balls at you every day. The bottom line is that most adults were never given the practical financial education needed and that is why this country is severely struggling today. America's First Choice is an educational program that teaches you and gives you the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle life’s changes. All interviews are available by phone for those who can't come for in-person appointments. Contact Us today to make an appointment or for more information.

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    Our program will give you what you need to feel whole again.

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    Have peace of mind that you are going to get through this and not lose what you hold most dear.

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    Don’t walk away. There are many options available for you to keep Your Home.

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    Finances can put a strain on your relationship, all you need is the knowledge to feel confident again.

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