Who is America's First Choice, Corp.

America's First Choice's mission is to educate and counsel families into achieving financial independence. We offer reorganization of debt management, budget counseling, mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling and workshops to counsel and educate the average consumer.

America's First Choice is guaranteed to provide the highest standards of fiscal integrity, quality service delivery, outstanding customer service, the best financial education service, and client database security.

Our employees and board of directors are made up of local people from diverse backgrounds that care about the financial well-being of individuals and families in our community and are dedicated to our mission and purpose.

Our goal is to keep you stay financially on track and if you fall off track you will have the necessary tools to get back on track. Our staff has experience in assisting consumers in all financial situations for many years. We have helped people all over the United States solve their financial problems, and we can educate and assist you in your current situation. Our Assistance and Educational Program can assist just about anyone nationwide. Our company works for you and not the creditors or mortgage companies by providing the most effective education and assistance service around. America's First Choice has grown to maintain professional relationships with many mortgage services and creditors nationwide.